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WordPress Plugins A-Z #246 SEO, Site Analytics, Logo Generation

ShareDisc is a plugin that allows WooCommerce shop owners to configure discounts on products. Customers can earn discount in exchange for sharing their cart, or products in their cart, on various platforms.


ShareDisc seeks to improve conversion rates by driving quality traffic to the WooCommerce store via trusted recommendations by customers to their friends and followers. Another upside is to potentially get some value from abandoned carts if the customer went through the sharing process before abandoning the cart.


The target audience are WooCommerce shop owners looking for an edge in social media to improve and visibility, and also developers or agencies looking to add extra value to their WooCommerce clients.


It’s Episode 246 and we’ve got plugins for SEO, Site Analytics, Logo Generation, Learning and Course Management, E–Commerce Social Sharing and a plugin to show ads throughout a multisite installation. It’s all coming up on A-Z!


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