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Why Ugly Blogs Rank High Than Pretty Blogs (And Why You’re Too Late)

Why Ugly Blogs Rank High Than Pretty Blogs (And Why You’re Too Late)

What’s Your Point Steven?

Here is why all those ugly blog owners are 100x smarter than I am.

It’s because the ugly blogs focus on something that you and I might get carried away trying to forget because let’s admit it, it’s hard.

They focus on producing valuable content not worrying too much about how pretty they can make something.

That’s the winning mindset. Do as little to create the fundamentals and once they’re done – it’s time to move onto doing what I must to succeed – putting amazing content out there.

The mindset that held me back for the longest time was the opposite.

Here’s some of my inner dialogue

“Okay, the website is live! Should I share it around? Maybe start blogging?”

“Hmm… great idea Steven! But hey, that font for the menu bar doesn’t look quite right. Could we try either bolding the menu or making the font smaller?”

“Oooooh, you’re a genius! And to think, I was almost going to share it. HOW EMBARESSING WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?! Good save Steven! Maybe tomorrow we’ll share it.”

Another classic conversation that I had far too often when I was sitting on 10 visitors a day.

“Okay, I think it’s time to start blogging and really getting this puppy growing.”

“Yeah we definitely should but what happens when people land on the site? There’s only an email subscribe form. Who’s really going to fill that out?”

“Ooooooh, great point Steven! We should create a conversion optimisation funnel with retargeting ads, free guides, and maybe even a video sequence!”

“YES! Now we’re talking. And to think! We were almost going to get traffic to come to a site. How were we going to make any money?!”

“Hah! I KNOW! But that all sounds like a lot of work. Let’s schedule that in for next week and start there.”

And then I’ll continue to sit there with now an epic funnel but still 10 visitors a day… Thankfully that funnel is now there in place – so glad I wasted time on that.

Trust me, if I could spend all my time making my blog look prettier I would, but let’s dig into that a little more. Why are we not focusing on writing content?

Because it’s scary. For some of you reading this, you’re scared of getting ridiculed. You’re scared of getting judged. You’re scared to see what your peers think about your opinions. For others, it’s because you’re lazy and you’d rather talk about doing something amazing than actually putting in the work.

There are a billion reasons why you’re doing everything but putting out amazing content, and what you need to do starting today is to start figuring that out. Because if not today, then when?

It’s often the smartest people that get too stuck in their head. It’s time to get out.

So What Can We Do About It?!

Oprah once suggested this amazing question that changed my life.

What is the next right move?

Published at Tue, 21 Feb 2017 03:52:13 +0000

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