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Why Calls to Action Should Be in Every Blog Post

These days, blogging is one of the most utilized strategies to attract new buyers. It’s cost effective and it’s proven to work – that is when it’s done right.

With any marketing strategy, your ultimate goal is to get people to hit the buy button. You invest in campaigns with the goal of attracting more buyers and making money. Blogging is no different.

Calls to action (CTAs) in blog posts are one of the most important elements. This is your opportunity to tell your reader what you want him to do next.

Each CTA’s purpose will differ. Some will try to get your reader on your subscriber list. Others will attempt to get a reader to buy from you right then and there.

Remember, the goal of any marketing campaign is conversions. Your CTA is there to help you convert your readers on the next step of their buying experience with you.

The better you can understand what your readers are going through, the better you can know what they need from you. With that in mind, you’re able to craft a CTA that is a logical next step in their experience with your brand. The more natural you can make it feel, the more likely your reader is to convert.

One Kapost marketer found that using the word “get” converted 66% better than other CTAs. She also found that adding in the word “your” helped with conversions too.

The “get your” formula is only one effective CTA to use in blog posts and it only works with certain goals. Check out this list of 8 other types of CTAs you can use in your blog posts from Hubspot.

Before you hit publish, double check it’s there. Triple check it’s a clear next step for your reader to take. Without doing this, you’re losing a massive opportunity.

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