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What it Takes to Create Engaging Content in a “Boring” Industry

“As far as accounting content, there’s a lot of dry and hard-to-understand content out there,” says Gaynor Meilke, community manager for CPA for Freelancers®. “What we want is to build a community where people can access information easily and in terms they understand.”

By providing useful and engaging content, CPA for Freelancers® has added over 2,000 subscribers to their email list and turned leads into paying clients.

For CPA for Freelancers®, content inspiration often comes directly from conversations the founder, Jonathan Medows, CPA, has had with clients and prospects.

“Jonathan has served the freelance community for over a decade, so he’s encountered a lot of questions over the years,” says Gaynor. “We work to answer these questions with an interesting twist on what otherwise might be mundane topics. We try to keep it fresh, but also keep it relevant so people can put it to use.”

CPA for Freelancers® also targets relevant keywords that people are searching for online. Spend some time researching keywords that are relevant to your business and optimizing your website to show up in search results.

Once you start developing useful content, get a better understanding of who your readers are and what they’re responding to so you can tailor your content to them.

CPA for Freelancers® collects contact information from website visitors through an online sign-up form and a pop-up message created with the MailMunch app.

“It’s been consistent since we launched the website and email program that we’re getting 10-20 subscribers a week,” Gaynor says. “I think what’s really powerful is that these people want our information. People are very receptive to getting our emails, and we have a really low unsubscribe rate.”

By practicing permission-based email marketing, CPA for Freelancers® is building an online audience that wants to hear from them. Now the challenge becomes keeping their audience interested by consistently delivering engaging content.

“When we’re creating emails, the number one thing is to make it something people want to read,” explains Gaynor. “That means choosing the right topics, then also not making the email too long. We want it to be concise, but also really friendly and humorous. Just as engaging as possible — not what you’d typically expect from another tax and accounting email.”

A typical email from CPA for Freelancers® includes a friendly introduction from founder, Jonathan Medows, two or three useful content pieces, and an overview of the business towards the end of the email.

“That’s Jonathan’s way of differentiating himself from being just another CPA,” Gaynor explains. “He’s made CPA for Freelancers® unique in that way — showing some personality. Everything is done with a little humor. I think it resonates really well.”

After sending an email, Gaynor uses email reports and website analytics to see what content is generating the most interest and driving people back to their website.

“Click-throughs are invaluable because then we get people back on our website,” says Gaynor. “That’s our primary goal because the website is one of the best ways to secure new clients. We can see in our website analytics that people get the email and visit the website. We get a lot of traffic that way.”

Tracking which links are getting the most interest gives CPA for Freelancers® insight into what content they should create next. For example, if the “Last Minute Tax Planning Checklist” generated the most clicks in the mailing above, Gaynor would know checklists are a good format for her audience.


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