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Using Social Media as a Leader

As a leader, it’s important to build an understanding of how works in an organisational context. This is so you can both support your organisation to use it in the right ways, and utilise it yourself.


Many people discount social media because they think it’s only used by very young audiences. However, in the US 74 per cent of adults use social media, including 49 per cent of those over 65, and this is likely to be similar across the Western world.


More than 400 million of those on social media use , which allows professionals from all industries to find information and opportunities. So, whoever your audience is, it’s likely that you’ll find them on social media.


But social media is as much about nurturing your audiences as reaching them. In contrast with more traditional forms of , it allows you to engage them with content they’re interested in, rather than bombarding them with unwelcome .


Social media is not simply a pastime, but a set of tools that can be used to dramatically improve organisational performance. It can contribute to a range of strategic goals, from generating and nurturing leads, to identifying fresh talent.



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