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Top 5 – Web Hosting Packages For Startups

1. Bluehost

BLUEHOST: Almost 95% of our websites are hosted with Bluehost incredibly easy to use with 1-click automatic WordPress installation they have excellent customer service and great support.

2. 123-Reg

We have worked with clients who host their websites with 123-reg.

We recommend 123-reg based on our experience working on our clients WordPress sites. It has great facilities and tools all at reasonable prices.

3. Hostgator

There are a host of Web-hosting services available, HostGator come highly recommended via our friends. HostGator ranks amongst web creatives although we have no direct experience.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy often comes up in a Top Ten search of best hosting sites, although we do not use the services ourselves, many of our clients do; of which most talk of it very highly. GoDaddy do have very competitive rates for UK domain names.

5. UKHost4U

Reputedly “the UK’s premier hosting company”, UKHost4U began providing the easiest possible web hosting solutions in 1999 and fast became among the first IT businesses to offer web hosting that was 100% fully-automated. From the best control panels around to the best customer support services, UKHost4U Web Hosting skimps on nothing, giving customers only the most useful resources needed to maintain a top-notch web presence. UKHost4U web hosting is a fully-featured service that leaves absolutely nothing out of the deal, making it one of the premier web hosting deals online today.


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