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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Retail

In fact, in a survey by StrongView and Selligent, the area in which marketers plan to increase spend is email. 6 in 10 respondents reported planning to increase their email spending this year, the broadest consensus of all of the channels measured.


According to a recent report by Yesmail, 60% of retail marketers are using purchase behavior data to send more relevant emails, and 50% of those surveyed use demographics data such as age, gender, and location.


The survey also revealed that 61% of retail marketers personalize email subject lines based on a customer’s data while only 36% personalize the body copy of emails.


StrongView also recently surveyed email marketers about their email marketing plans for 2016. “More than a third cited ‘increasing subscriber engagement’ as their primary goal for 2016 and plan to use such tactics as mobile app push marketing and location-based mobile messaging to do so,” StrongView says. “In fact, nearly a quarter of marketers (24%) already use location data in their email programs.”


Although email has been around for 20+ years, it continues to be one of the most successful strategies for retail marketers. In fact, email marketing is the 2nd most effective ecommerce marketing channel, second only to search. With the advancement in technology and the proliferation of so much data, never before have retailers had such an opportunity to take the effectiveness of their email marketing strategies to new heights.



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