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The 5 W’s Of Social Media Publishing For Brands

The 5 W’s Of Social Media Publishing For Brands

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Who you post for, what you post, when you post, where you post, and why you post all matter. Consider this your social media publishing Bible.


Post for who you want your audience to be, not for yourself. Just because you like something about your brand, doesn’t mean the audience you are marketing to will.

EXAMPLE: You are a 20-something single female who likes craft cocktails, trendy stores and vintage finds. But, your desired audience is 35+ mommies who like Starbucks, Target and jogging strollers.

Post to reflect them, not you. Your brand’s voice needs to be the voice that fits within your audience’s world, not a voice you are trying to force into their world. It’s OK to momify your posts.


What you post matters. Photos work and questions are great, but stay away from long-form “blog-like” posts, extreme hashtag usage and jokes no one understands.

EXAMPLE: You want to give your audience tons of details about some big promotion, event, new product coming out, so you post a three-paragraph Facebook post crammed with facts that overwhelm your audience, resulting in low engagement.

Keep a little mystery. Instead, publish in a series of posts over a few days to build some excitement and momentum. Or, actually write a blog post about it or make a landing page and link to that in a short Facebook post.


Posting times and frequency vary. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model. All of the research in field won’t give you a precise posting time. Trial and error times for the different types of posts your brand usually publishes.

EXAMPLE: Your cool product shot posts seem to perform better at 10 p.m. when your audience is scrolling through Instagram in bed. Post product shots then. But, maybe your conversational posts seem to perform better at 3 p.m. when your audience is bored at work. Post those then.

You won’t know until you try. Also, don’t get stuck on one time or a regime of posting frequency. Some weeks call for less posts and some call for more. Let your social media posting eb and flow as you have content that matters to share.


Your post SHOULD depend on your social media channel. Not just because of character limits, either. It’s OK to post the same thing across all of your social media channels, just make sure what you are saying is right for that channel.

EXAMPLE: You want to post a photo with an exciting announcement from your brand:

Facebook: We are so excited about this new thing we are launching this week. We’ve been waiting to do this forever. We couldn’t have done this without you. Are you as excited as we are?! Click here for more details: LINK. (Wordier, more conversational, no hashtags, link)

Twitter: It’s here! The new thing we’ve been waiting to launch. Find out more: LINK. #NewThing #BrandName #Location (Cut the crap, create some mystery to make people click the link, add relevant hashtags)

Instagram: We’ve been waiting to tell you, but it’s time! The big thing has officially launched, and we couldn’t be more excited. Link in bio. #NewThing #BrandName #Location #Keyword #RelatedKeyword #DifferentBrandHashtag (Wordier than Twitter but less than FB, put link in bio or none at all, add as many related hashtags as possible)


Know why you are posting. Is it to promote an event, inform your audience with some general info, or to start a social conversation around your brand? Choosing your why should change the direction, wording, style and feel of your post. If it doesn’t, you are doing it wrong.

EXAMPLE: You have an event coming up. You already have enough people attending the event, but you want to make sure it’s known that your brand is approachable and fun. So, your why isn’t event attendance, it’s making your brand look fun.

Don’t promote the event before it happens, post about it while it’s happening and after. A post before the event with time/date screams come to the event, which you don’t want in this case. It’s equally as important to put out into the social world: “Hey, we had an event, lots of people came, we are fun.”

Use these posting tips as a reference guide to better your brand, your approach, and hopefully, your social media presence. But know that rules can and should be broken. There are always exceptions, so consider these best practices. Godspeed, social media friends!

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Taylor Carlier

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