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How to Make the Most Out of an Autoresponder

A professional website is just the first step to building more leads for your personal brand. In order to be effective you need to have a system in place that allows you to nurture your prospects. After capturing names and email addresses you will want to create an effective email campaign that ensures these new subscribers are not lost after …

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The Importance of Your Website’s Terms and Conditions

Have you ever stopped and considered the importance of your websites terms and conditions section? You know – that tiny section in the footer of your website, that you’re convinced no one even reads. Perhaps you have received a few emails from a corporation notifying you that their terms and conditions have been updated. What is so important about terms …

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Marketing Strategy & Email Signature Best Practices

Like traditional, written business correspondences, business emails often finish with a closing word or phrase, the sender’s name and sender’s title. Additionally, where a business letter or letterhead might contain contact information at the top of a correspondence, an email may include a variety of other relevant contact information below the closing. Known as an email signature, this block at …

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5 Elements of Compelling Visual Branding

Branding is the process of creating a unique and memorable image for a company in the mind of consumers. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through visual branding. Visual branding has five key elements – consistency, logo, typography, color, and imagery. We’ll walk through these five elements, as well as go over some examples of companies …

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6 Things to Focus on When Selling to Small Business Owners

Small business owners are a special breed. They work hard, so they need their service providers to work hard for them. If your business is built to serve #small businesses, you’ll need a #sales approach designed to address their main concerns head-on. Below are six tips that will help you connect with small business owners, keep them happy, and build …

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