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Stop Whining and Embrace Social Media for Business

You heard me. works for businesses online – yes, even your super-niche B2B business. It works for huge markets made up of millions of people, and it works for markets as low as a few thousand people.

If you’ve already tried social media and it didn’t work, it’s probably due to you approaching it the wrong way. You viewed it as a way to blast your content or website to the internet, and you waited to see the money roll in.

Or maybe you didn’t even try: you just assume that no one in your industry is turning to social media as a part of their average work day. You assume that the decision makers aren’t using social as a way to make a decision. This could be because you don’t, and any of your colleagues you’ve asked have said the same thing.

This is partly a logical fallacy (confirmation bias), and partly because you’re viewing it a bit skewed. Does social media close and land you those big deals? No, it doesn’t.

Social media is how you connect with those potential prospects, and demonstrate that you’re worth knowing, you’re likable, and you’re trustworthy. Being worth knowing for knowledge, likable in that your content actually provides value, and being trustworthy to deliver valuable content are all incredibly useful steps to get people closer to the stage of being ready to buy from you.

What social media does is make you easy to find, easy to learn about, and aids in your prospects feeling as though your business is one they like and can trust.

People buy from people, especially when it’s a big sale. By making your business more clearly a business filled with people (because it is, right?), you’re making it easier for people to feel a connection with you and to buy.

Don’t forget, though: the people who are going to buy from you based on an analysis of your price vs benefits are not the people you’re going to sway with social media.

Social media is for the people looking to be persuaded. People, and businesses, who have realized they need more than to simply analyze based on cost vs. benefit.

If the major selling point for your products or services is something that’s not just a cost factor, you need to be active on social media to highlight that.

Social media also allows your prospects, especially the ones you don’t know you have, to scope you out ahead of time. They can visit your website (which, hopefully, looks up to date), and also look for you on social media. Do you know what happens if they find you on or , and your last post was from 2014?

You know how when you go into an interview, part of the interview is how appropriately you’ve dressed for it? It doesn’t matter how qualified you are – if you show up to your interview in pajamas, you’re not getting hired.

Think of your social media accounts as your digital clothes. If your business looks like it’s in pajamas due to inactivity, you’re not going to get the business that was looking you up.

Sure, to start, you’ll get very few people who check you out online first. You’ve spent however many years cultivating in-person relationships, after all. But if you spend some time cultivating digital relationships as well, you’ll find they can be just as fruitful, if not more so.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media is that you are using it to build a relationship with your followers or fans. You’re not using it as an excuse to broadcast your content — its purpose should be to nurture people into getting to know your business, recognizing it as an industry leader, and then reaping the benefits as a result of that.



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