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Sprout Social’s Landscape optimizes images for the social web

With so many different social networks commanding different ideal image sizes, the company found a need for an all-in-one solution that makes managing images across these various social networks a bit easier. Since these networks are forever changing, and the ideal image sizes, too, have needed to be changed on the basis of the evolution of the various sites images are posted to, the company felt it was necessary to keep marketers on the same page.


“Sprout’s goal is to provide solutions that continuously improve communication between people and brands,” Justyn Howard, CEO of Sprout Social, said. “Images are a critical component of that effort and, when packaged in a professional way, elevate a brand’s social presence significantly and increase community engagement.”


The free tool is open to all and was motivated by a 2014 post that has been regularly referenced called Always Up-to-Date Guide to Image Sizes. The regularly updated article demanded a tool to meet the evolving needs of social media managers who wanted to stay current with the social networks and their image size requirements.


Marketers need not access outdated articles (or in Sprout Social’s case, a constantly updated article) to find the ideal image size for their social network post. This tool is a welcome image utility for making sure everyone’s images look just great for the social networks they’d like to post to, and the tool works great.


Social media management tool Sprout Social today announces the launch of Landscape, a free tool that allows streamlined image resizing across the various social networks.



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