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Setting Goals: A Blessing Or A Threat To Your Productivity? – GetResponse Blog – Email Marketing Tips

Let’s start with a short revision of the goal setting mechanism. Its core idea is to focus on the end effect of the task we are going to take on. The result you want to achieve should be clear, accompanied by a precise action plan that can be put in a workable time-frame, leading you to achieving said goal.


Most importantly you have to know how to measure your success. As obvious as it is, you need to know what has to be done, in order for you to be able to say “FINISHED!”, then proceeding to proudly cross out another thing from your to-do-list.


It may be also useful to refer to others and ask for feedback to keep yourself in check and on the right track. How can you keep yourself motivated throughout the process? Make your goals ambitious! Whatever you do, turn it into a challenge. Demanding tasks will simply entice you to go that extra mile – all in the name of mere satisfaction taken from getting out your comfort zone.


Top that off with constructive feedback and spice it up a little bit with a challenge factor… and that’s it! As you see, it is as down to earth as one can imagine. All in all, it seems reasonable and not that difficult to follow. So, what could possibly go wrong if we implement this scheme? Well… it seems that quite a lot.


The practice of setting goals has gained a lot of attention as of lately, getting rather positive appraisal – most of the time. A lot of us have already been introduced to the concept, at least to some extent, and probably exercised it with more or less success. So, why is it that there are more ‘less success’ situations, even though we do our best to apply this presumably wonderful scheme? Is it simply bad execution? Or is there something more behind the idea of goal setting?



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