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RIP TweetDeck for Windows: App to sunset on April 15

Those familiar with TweetDeck know that they’d have to log into TweetDeck separately on top of logging into .com (or vice versa). For now, moving between both apps no longer requires logging into both separately; after all these years, the cookies are finally being shared across platforms.


TweetDeck is not being completely phased out, but to keep the experience seamless across the web, Twitter has also stated that they’re no longer going to support the Windows standalone TweetDeck application after April 15. Instead, users who prefer the TweetDeck experience will need to access TweetDeck within their browsers directly, at tweetdeck.com.


While this change seems to have affected a very small group of users, there are many staunch advocates who have preferred to have the Windows-executable over the browser-based version, and a small group of them have taken to Twitter to voice their concern.


But every change requires an adjustment. For now, Twitter will be focused on the TweetDeck web product, where in the past few months, they’ve focused on teams, group direct messages, confirmations before tweeting and search filters. It will be interesting to see how Twitter will evolve the product to make it competitive with some of the more popular third-party platforms and how this change will affect the user experience among those dedicated Windows TweetDeck users. It remains to be seen whether they’ll utilize the enhanced web platform or choose to consider the many other third-party Twitter tools out there.


The curtain will be falling on the TweetDeck standalone Windows app in less than a month. Twitter has announced that TweetDeck will be changing to a more seamless login experience.



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