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Must-Have-Merchants: April Showers

Must-Have-Merchants: April Showers


It’s almost April and you know what that means, spring showers! Prepare for this rainy season with the most stylish in fashions and trendy home decor pieces! These ShareASale Merchants will help keep you dry while preparing for beautiful spring flowers.

MyPotsandPlanters.com YesStyle.com Wayfair Red-Bubble ModCloth Serenity-Health-Home-Decor

1. MyPotsandPlanters.com– ID #50710 – 7% Commission 
2. YesStyle.com – ID #10669 – 10% Commission
3. Wayfair – ID #11035 – 5% Commission
4. Redbubble – ID #21395 – 20% Commission
5. ModCloth – ID #43745 – 5% Commission
6. Serenity Health & Home Decor – ID #15199 – 10% Commission


Spring Lookbook Incentive Opportunity
Our incentive bonus program is back! Seven select Merchants are participating in this exclusive Spring Lookbook promotional offer! It was great to see the amount of people who joined the incentive bonus program in our winter catalog.
Calling all Travel Bloggers!
Travel content has to be some of my favorite posts to read. I can’t help but feel inspired to take my own trips to the destinations I read about, and feel insanely jealous of the folks who get to experience so much of our world at the same time!
Guided Launch Spotlight Series
This year, our Client Services Department started the Guided Launch program. The goals of this program are contained in three main points. Provide guidance to New Merchants or to reinvigorate a current program that may be stagnant.

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