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Missed Conversion Opportunities in Your Website

In Business 2 Community alone, there are 8,712 articles discussing these two hot topics in the Internet today. We spend time searching for the best guide in optimizing our pages for better conversion results. However, we’re still missing more opportunities in some pages of our websites that are oftentimes neglected due to the hustle and bustle in optimizing key landing pages in your website.

Have you paid attention to your About Us page? Sure, you might have shared some ideas on what to write on your about us page, but have you designed it to fully maximize the potential to drive your leads into customers?

You might have some second thoughts on optimizing your About Us page, so here’s some actual proof from a client we were working on. Their Team page serves as their About Us page. Like any other Team page, it has an opening paragraph that highlights their services, along with the photos of the management team.

Looking at their traffic flow, you can see that the incoming traffic to their Team page has a significant amount of drop-offs or exits, with a whopping 62.2% of the traffic leaving the website after viewing their team page.

What it is with the Team page that has the biggest amount of drop-offs? Imagine, what if you have optimized your About Us page; will it still yield the same results? Will your visitors leave your site after visiting that page on your website?

The About Us page isn’t just a poster, obligatory page that showcases your website’s vision-mission. It’s also a good opportunity to establish trust, expertise, and professionalism in the business you are in.

Quoting Sytian Productions on their blog post on creating amazing About Us pages, your About Us page should talk directly to your target audience, while offering them the solutions they’re looking for.

If your audience are moms, a motherly touch with some woman empowerment on your About Us page will connect your audience to your brand. They will feel that you know what you’re talking about, you can relate to their problems as a mother, and you know how to solve their . Now, this connection forged between you and your audience helps in their decision to pursue a purchase or avail services on your website.

Optimize your About Us page in terms of content. Add engaging content: revise your copy, add in some video content, get in some testimonials, display your logo above the fold, and add your address and contact details.

has a simple yet incredible About Us page. They highlighted their trending stories, as well as the Twitter experience. At the end of the page, they showed how easy it is to join Twitter and enjoy all those benefits they have listed. Indeed, Twitter is everyone’s window to the world.

About pages shouldn’t be hard selling anything. I strongly recommend to keep it simple, but indulge in being proud of what you have achieved so far. Consider this as your chance to make a first impression, work. About pages create and forge trust. If a visitor trusts your brand for whatever product or service it offers, it will positively influence their purchase behavior. (Kenning, 2008)

We’ve been dealing with gated content as landing pages to gather leads, and now it has redirected our attention to these landing pages from contact us forms.

Contact us is one of the most visited pages of your website, especially for businesses with physical stores. It goes without saying that the contact us page should contain contact information that will help a user locate or talk to a support person for any inquiries.

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– the biggest turn-off in any website is a defunct contact form. What irks us more is going to an empty contact page with the form’s shortcode displayed in plain text. Make sure your contact form is working and sending messages to the proper email recipient.



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