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Jack The Hacks: Top 6 Digital Marketing Hacks for 2016

So, you must be hitting the right buttons all through January hoping to start the year with a great marketing thud. But, but you are hungry for more and you feel just a few tiny splinters of wisdom can hit the bull’s eye. Then my friend be all ears, eyes, nose or whatever you need to be because here is the rundown on top digital marketing hacks for 2016.
Mobile optimisation:
2015 saw a surge in mobile traffic, leaving behind laptops and desktops. Almost everyone accesses the internet through the genius in their palms. And therefore, you too must make your website optimised for mobile or else be ready to bow down at your competitors.
Voice The Keywords:
With Siri and Cortana sweeping the users off their feet, comes a new challenge for marketers. People use different keywords while voicing and typing. Voicing uses long tailed keywords, so be sure to include them in your social space.

The Social Sale:
With Facebook and Pinterest crucifying the ‘Buy Now’ option there are more apps following suit in 2016. So make sure to splash a bit of your products or services or brands on these apps and finally into the lives of tonnes out there.

The Vlogs:
Videos will continue to dominate the digital space. Articles with videos and live streams are sure to get more responses than just black ants crawling over the white background.

Long Form Content Hits Huge:
Gone will be those days when you post a short description of your brand followed by a URL to the actual page. With LinkedIn ramping up its long content and Facebook too, blogging on social media is going to be huge.

App that:
Apping is going to seal the deal for digital marketers. Building the brand’s own app, providing it with quality functions and coming up with interesting permutations and combinations will be the secret magnet for marketing success. Facebook for instance has introduced instant articles and automatic videos. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are not far behind with their arsenal. Have you apped it yet?

So what are you waiting for? Hack it all the way to your digital stardom.

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