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How To Use Peach For Marketing – GetResponse Blog – Email Marketing Tips

A few weeks ago, the late, great Kerry Butters wrote a post for GetResponse entitled ‘2 New Social Networks To Consider For 2016’. The piece was aimed at content and marketers who were looking to broaden their horizons as we ventured into the new year. It took into consideration two relatively new social networks that were causing a bit of noise in the industry – Peach and Blab.


It was an introductory blog post, describing the main functions and features of each network, with a few suggestions of how they might be useful to the marketer. The post prompted a comment from TechHiring.com, who, although clearly pleased with the post, wanted to know a little more.


As you can see, the wonderful Sara-Ruth, Blog Editor-in-Chief at GetResponse, made a promise to the commenter that a follow up post would be produced – and so here is part 1 of that post, with part 2 in the post for next week.


For those of you who haven’t heard the news, it is with great sadness to announce that, since writing the original blog, Kerry Butters has passed away.


I begin writing this post in response to two closely connected things. Firstly, it is a response to a comment left by a reader of the GetResponse blog. And secondly, it is a response to the blog post itself that the comment was left beneath (if you ever needed convincing about the name of this fine company, then hopefully this post will prove that you do indeed Get Response from everything that’s on offer, right down to the free content that provided ;)).



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