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How to Post Affiliate Links Without Overwhelming Your Readers – ShareASale Blog

So let’s talk about different ways you can have links on your blog using ShareASale, yet won’t crowd a page or dissuade your readers from viewing a page.


1. Make-A-Page Tool: This tool has been recently overhauled for our Affiliates to make it more user-friendly. Using keywords, you can “make a page” of relevant and neatly organized products. You can select from two different display options. The Page View is a table of these products while the Gallery View is designed to fit on your blog and allows visitors to scroll through products in a visual way.


2. Product Showcase Tool: Product Showcases enable you to quickly highlight specific sets of retailers products based on a category or keyword. These showcases on your blog will automatically keep themselves up to date based on the keyword or category you select, so you do not have to manually update this!


3. Text Links: The simplest way to add an link is by text link. The reader is not bombarded with an ad but understands that if they want to learn more, it’s just a click away. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of text links in a list format, yet you may use them as you see fit.


You’ve been blogging for a little over a year, you have produced a library of fantastic content and are finally ready to start monetizing your blog but may be worried that adding Affiliate links will ruin the integrity of your content. (Also known as “I don’t want my site to be full of flashing, blinking, obnoxious ads!”)



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