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How To Find the Right Influencers and Connect with Them

Since your ultimate goal is to convert your visitors into paying customers, it’s only logical to build your strategy around them. This means you should literally focus all of your efforts into getting to know your audience first and anticipate how they might react. – Jeff Bullas

Might seem like an easy task but finding the right influencers might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How do you really know who the best influencer is for your brand? And what does your perfect pitch look like in scoring these influencers?

The beauty of influencer marketing is that you have the opportunity to reach exactly who you are trying to target – you don’t have to worry about wasted marketing dollars if you choose the right influencers with the right audiences. As we discussed in our first post of the series, you need to understand your audience before picking your influencers. And this goes beyond their demographics.

Each person has his or her own lifestyle and personality that demographics don’t portray. Taking an audience-centric approach to influencer marketing requires you to get a grasp on what your audience is interested in. Using social listening or audience intelligent platforms that will help you understand your target audience’s interests.

A common misconception is that a brand needs influencers who represent the category that the brand is in. Say you are a marketer for a video gaming console and looking to run an influencer marketing campaign. Your initial thought might be to reach out to fellow video game influencers on YouTube. This could work, but you have other options that you should explore. If you do some research, you might discover that your target audience may also interested in hockey and indie music. This is key insight to keep in mind when searching for influencers as you explore the leaders in these categories. It also helps shape together a content strategy that resonates with your audience.

Working from the audience to your influencer will increase the effectiveness of your influencer campaign as it allows you to target your marketing efforts to those who are genuinely interested in hearing about your brand and content. It is key to finding the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaign.

Once you are ready to start the influencer search, set several parameters on what you want in an influencer based on your campaign strategy. These could include:

Now that you know your audience’s interests, you need to look for influencers who can reach them based on where they are online. Is your audience primary on ? ? Reading blogs?

Do you ship across the US, but not in California? You want to make sure that the influencers you work with don’t have a large following in that state so your marketing dollars are being allocated efficiently.

While it is far from the most important parameter, it still needs to be considered. An influencer with more followers might improve your brand awareness but will their content drive consumers to take an action? The reach of an influencer will also be dependent on your budget like we discussed in the last series. What are the minimum and maximum amount of followers an influencer should have in order to reach your objectives and respect your budget? Keep in mind, there is a sweet spot when searching for influencers as it relates to the size of their audience. We’ve found most success comes from finding micro influencers – they have smaller communities but they are highly engaged, as shown in the graph below.

Reflect on your content strategy you created. Do you need somebody to create videos of them doing a house DIY? Certain influencers are known for creating different types of content. If you need a video creator, look at YouTube influencers. Or maybe Snapchat for quick views inside the life of an influencer.

Depending on your objective, look for influencers that show high levels of engagement with their audience. Is their audience responding to their CTA? Are they getting retweets, comments, and shares?

You want to find influencers who show they are open to working with brands – seems like a no-brainer right? But this will give you a better idea of what type of brands they generally partner with and help you grasp whether or not your brand aligns with their content. You want to partner with an influencer who is authentic and true to their personal brand – are they partnering with every brand that comes their way or just the ones that resonate with their audience and they fully support?

Identifying influencers is a job in itself. 73% of fashion and beauty marketers claim that identifying the right influencer is the biggest challenge when it comes to influencer marketing.

And being able to find the information I’ve outlined isn’t easy without having access to a few tools (i.e. audience data and engagement numbers). Using an influencer marketing platform like InNetwork will save you time by providing your brand with accurate information on influencers and their audiences.


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