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How “To-Do” Content Marketing

Even today I’m still faced with the….“what’s the point of content on your website” attitude. Well unless you’re a mega brand that other people want to link to or write about all the time then you need to start producing high quality content to develop your brand online. The kind of content people will want to read, want to share and want to link to.


Content marketing has over the last few years become the golden boy of the marketing world and for good reason. In the rapidly moving online space people’s attitudes to and interaction with brand marketing has changed dramatically. The shift from outbound forms of marketing to inbound has required a paradigm shift in the way brands present themselves online. At the forefront of this new inbound approach is the concept of content marketing.


Content marketing in the digital space is about creating genuinely useful, informative or entertaining content that pulls people towards your website and general online brand presence. This is in stark contrast to outbound marketing that attempts to push a message out to a much broader audience.


Content marketing is often not at all about your product but can be anything vaguely related to your industry sector. It doesn’t attempt to directly sell a product and in that sense is very different from traditional advertising. The idea to bear in mind here is to create content that is genuinely useful or entertaining to your target audience and in that way draw attention to your brand.


As a business owner, I’m sure you’re bamboozled with the marketing babble that get’s thrown around. You remember the good ol’ days of paying for an advert in the Yellow Pages [insert your local version here] and that was all you needed to do to get the phone ringing. Now you need a website, then you need SEO to get that website found. And now someones coming at you with this new phrase….content what?….content marketing? But I thought nobody read the content on my website…or others for that matter.



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