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How These 4 SEO Trends Can Benefit Brands in 2016

A marketable content is a blog or an article with value. Such contents offer information, anticipate questions from readers, answer those questions so their confusions are resolved and most importantly, give them a clear roadmap of what actions they need to take.


When you write value-oriented content, it gets shared across social channels, giving exposure to your site as well as to you. Such contents trigger curation. Does that give you any SEO benefit?


It does. Studies indicate more than 80% of search results have Map, news, customer reviews and videos as their sources. Content aggregation helps Google and other search engines to pick from a pool of references and value-driven content fosters the aggregation process.


Some believe keywords are dead. Others believe they are alive and kicking. Both are correct, but partially. Keywords are no longer viewed the way they used to be viewed during the heydays of two-way link building. In other words, keywords are not to be used as anchor texts anymore.


Content is now the bottomline of SEO. Anyone, who’s connected to the SEO circuit knows this. But content marketing is a loose term, how do you know what type of content is marketable?



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