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Gearing Up for a Blogging Challenge – Des Walsh

This challenge begins 1 August and is a writing (content creation) related challenge to help bloggers to find their groove in creating content. Every day for a week we’ll issue you with a challenge to create a blog post and will give you an opportunity to share it with others doing the challenge. Our hope is that in writing 7 posts in 7 days that you’ll get back into the rhythm of writing and maybe find a few new readers and friends.

At the beginning of this coming week, Monday August 1, I’m joining a significant number of bloggers – over 600 at last count – in the ProBlogger “Find Your Blogging Groove” Challenge”, the brainchild of the ProBlogger himself, Darren Rowse.

Given that I encourage clients and others to blog, and to do so regularly and frequently, I’m not a little embarrassed to say that lately I’ve not been walking my blogging talk – or should that be “blogging my talk”?

There was at time when I would be blogging at least two or three times a week, either on this blog or on a group site like the old Business Blog Consulting, the now long gone b5media Business and Blogging, or on the MYOB The Pulse site, leading sites Today and Customer Think, or more recently as a guest blogger on Tripp Braden’s Market Leadership Journal.

I’d like to rediscover the eagerness I used to have in blogging and the pleasure I gained from it, as distinct from a more “it’s work” approach these days – an approach not really conducive to regular, frequent, and hopefully engaging blog posts.

There is a group, the ProBlogger Challenge Group, and from what I can see so far, the people participating cover a pretty broad spectrum, from those just starting to blog, through to very seasoned and respected bloggers. And I know with Darren in charge it will be a well run and very civilised group.

As all of you who have subscribed to get updates via email will suddenly see something from me on a daily basis, I am conscious that I must do my best to make the posts for this Challenge interesting. And I hope you will leave a comment or three along the way.

If you are a blogger and like the idea of finding or rediscovering your blogging groove, why not join us? Just head on over to the Facebook Group and hit Join: I didn’t have to wait long for my membership to be approved.

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