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Find New Prospects For Your Personal Brand With Twitter

How can you take advantage of and drive more conversions? By using existing free features including the Advanced Search function to learn more about your brand’s community.


Attracting new connections and engaging with your community is easy to do on this top social network with the right focus and engagement in place. Once your personal brand has established meaningful relationships you increase your content shares and website growth.


As your personal brand builds an authentic community on Twitter your leads and customers will view you as a trusted source and be more likely to want to make a purchase. Research will reveal more about your followers and the competition and enable your company to focus on the right approach to best reach them. It’s important to stay active throughout the work week in order to rise above the rest, which can include answering questions, sharing content, replying to influencers and sharing their articles, and so on.


This article originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with Business 2 Community.


Twitter is still a top social network for your personal brand to build a strong community and attract new leads. If you want to increase your it’s important to add an effective social selling strategy here, which offers opportunities to connect with influencers, more insights into your target market, and much more.



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