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Email Segmentation: Boosting Our Open Rates One Send At A Time

Every month, you see a new “email is dead” blog post, or a new “email-killer.” And every month, product updates, newsletters, and discount coupons continue to flood my inbox.

We started restructuring our email strategy a few months ago. We realized that although potential customers are interested in marketing, they aren’t all interested in the same kinds.

They’re motivated by different goals and do different things. marketers want to start conversations, while growth marketers want to generate leads. They’re looking for different resources.

Imagine you walked into a restaurant, and they already know that you’re vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, and can’t stand the smell of baked beans. Instead of offering you a massive menu, they propose customized choices catered to your dietary preferences.

There are endless ways to segment your email list. The most basic method is by demographic information: age, gender, language, job titles, etc. More advanced options include interests or behavior. And it can be as complex or as simple as you want.

As your customers are flooded with more and more email, you cannot afford to send irrelevant emails. Untargeted emails not only waste time and money, they also hurt your brand.

Segmenting your email list helps you send the right content to the right customers. Companies that segment email lists see a 19% increase in open rates. This personalization leads to more conversions, more purchases, and happier customers.

After the content marketing team at Mention gathered enough information about our market, we sat down with to match their ideal client profiles with our buyer personas. Each lead in our database is assigned at least one persona, and receives tailored content .

We use three lifecycle stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. The more a lead interacts with content, the further she moves through the marketing funnel.

We customize our email copy and subject lines since the conversation we’d have with a new subscriber is very different from one we’d have with an engaged, warm prospect.

For example, an awareness-stage contact might receive a general social media strategy checklist, but a decision-stage prospect would get content that promotes and sells Mention.

Like we said earlier, segmentation helped us reach average open rates of 40-50%. These are the actual emails that made it happen, along with the info we used to segment, create, and optimize the campaign.

Subject line: Crush social media with these killer toolsOffer: ebookPersona: social media marketersLifecycle stage: considerationOpen rate: 55.3%Click rate: 22.22%Copy:

However, as these leads are just starting to learn about monitoring, we didn’t mention anything about our brand or our product. They’ve engaged with our brand a little, but we probably haven’t established much trust yet. That’s why we chose to focus on bringing value rather than selling ourselves.

Subject line: Why social media marketers rely on MentionOffer: success storiesPersona: social media marketersLifecycle stage: decisionOpen rate: 59%Click rate: 14.1%Copy:



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