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Email Design Best Practices

Email Design Best Practices


How To Create Effective Emails


There’s no “design” to emails—right? There are just messages and notes, and very little best practices to follow—yes?

All of that would be wrong, and is the fastest way for your email programs to tank. In fact, following key email to-dos can help you maximize the potential of this tool to create community and generate excitement about your product or service.

It makes sense, then, to understand that you have to start with the subject line. It is the first line of offense in your email strategy; it’s there to provide a solid hook to your readers, to get them to take the next step—simply to open the email.

Of course, any email needs to be created and tested on every device; people don’t live on their desktop machines or even their laptops. So if your email isn’t formatted for mobile, it’s another strike against you.

Ready to improve your email program? Use this cool infographic on creating effective emails:

The Email Design Best Practices You Need to Know

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