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Decoding Digital Marketing Jargon | SocialTimes

The advantage of building a web app is that you can build it once and it works across both platforms. So the cost to building a hybrid—or web app—is significantly lower.


If you really want to delight the customer with a mobile app that’s going to provide a great user experience and you should definitely invest in a native app.


Every industry has its share of jargon. As new marketing technology and strategies emerge, new buzzwords arise. The challenge is making sense of it all to determine which approach is the best fit for your business.


According to Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum, an integrated marketing optimization solution for mobile apps, the jargon is rampant in digital marketing, and it comes with a lot of false promises and misconceptions.


What omni-channel means is the concept of being mobile first. A lot of companies are starting to realize that 80-to-90 percent of their customers are only interacting with them on a mobile device, and they need to shift their strategy so mobile becomes that center of hub of relationships and communication.



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