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Copy of 50 Things Every Small Business Website Should Have

Here is a helpful infographic by 99MediaLab, on 50 features every small business website should have. This should help you create the most efficient, user-friendly, and appealing website possible.


Bill Treloar is the owner and principal consultant at Rank Magic. Bill holds a bachelors degree in psychology, an MBA in management, and has wide experience managing both technical (information technology) and non-technical (insurance and ) organizations. Bill has been president of the New York Enterprise Developer Users Group,… View full profile ›


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. These things are important because they’ll make it easier for the search engine to index your website’s pages and for your customers to easily find what they need on your site.


All small business owners want the same things: profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction. Regardless of the type of business you own or the current size of your company, you can probably agree on this. In today’s world, it’s not enough to have a local business with an office; you need to have an online presence and rank higher on Google, Yahoo & Bing.



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