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Content Mythbusting: What Content Do Consumers Really Want?

Today you’re more likely to complete Navy Seal training, climb mount everest, or get a full house while playing poker before clicking on a banner ad. These stats shouldn’t be too surprising since consumers are increasingly frustrated by mobile ads, download ad blocking software, and believe that that advertising is “all spin and not authentic.”


So what are audiences looking for? How can marketers deliver real value to audiences that switch to a different screen during commercials? To break through the noise, brands like Redbull and GoPro are playing the role of the publisher and supplementing traditional advertising with engaging content. But are consumers willing to trust brands to entertain and engage them?


To help marketers better understand what it means to “deliver value,” we surveyed 670 adults in the U.S. about their attitudes and behaviours towards online content. When asked if they were more or less likely to trust online content when it comes from a brand instead of a traditional publisher, the answer was a (very qualified) “yes.”


We found that for a small segment of respondents, the strength of the brand name was enough to make them receptive to content. However, an overwhelming 43% of respondents replied that they were less likely to trust brands, and another 40% were unmoved by brand-published content.


How do consumers interact with content and how can marketers reach them? We’re diving into the data to shed light on the myths that mislead content strategies, and learn how marketers can craft strong content that moves the needle.



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