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8 Companies That Get Content Marketing

You can always tell when their heart isn’t in it. Part of that is due to general quality and consistency in posting. But mostly it’s a feeling; they just aren’t trying understanding their own brand, and it comes through.

Travel сontent is very hit and miss genre. It has such a specific purpose, and requires first-hand experience (sometimes live experience) in order to make all the pieces fit. Trailwind is a fantastic blog by travel site Hipmunk.

They are informative, traveler-friendly posts that aim to give practical advice on making the most out of a holiday. They seem to really understand what their audience wants and needs, and gives it to them. There is no romanticized post padding here, just info that their readers can actually use.

Unless you have spent the last decade living in a hole in the desert, you have listened to at least one TEDTalk. While you can find lectures on literally any topic, this brand’s presentations are unique.

Not only do they cross the spectrum of subject and expert, but they offer them in small, easily digested talks in singular video formats. All across multiple platforms (YouTube, their site, podcasts, collections via Netflix, etc).

Microblogging received a makeover with , but it didn’t end there. While not many blogs use the method these days, some have managed to figure out a way to microblog and generate leads at the same time.

Birchbox is a great example. They use tiny, quickfire posts that encourage lead generation and conversion. It is effective, and yet obviously very quick and easy from their end.

Sometimes it is just a matter of being prolific and inclusive. The For Dummies series has been producing books on every subject imaginable for decades.

Now they have expanded into video tutorials, where you can learn everything from how to do calculus, to how to rebuild the engine in a Mustang. Their videos follow a certain format that is clear and easy to follow.

Most blogs that represent a brand are going to be careful about voicing opinions stronger than “I like this, but other things are OK too!” Basecamp decided to move beyond the tip toeing and go full blast.

Signal VS Noise is a separate blog to their brand’s blog, but is still connected. They publish posts by themselves and their friends (i.e. guest posters) that make bold claims and defend opinions. They don’t pull any punches, and get rid of the calculated pussyfooting that is so common on blogs today.

This technology blog differs from the norm because it doesn’t even pretend to explain anything. It aims at an audience that is already well aware of the state of the tech field.

Instead of trying to break things down for a layman who may some across the articles, it jumps right into specialized and expertise pieces. While it might not be an inclusive site, it knows who its audience is and what they expect. They don’t cast their net too wide.

McDonalds has had a few questionable misses with their in the past, most notably their debacle. But one instance of  them doing things right was McDonalds Canada’s Your Questions campaign.

Attempting to engage with a jaded customer base of millennials, it answered all of their questions about food quality, sustainable fare, business practices, and more. By doing this, they addressed concerns that had vastly undermined the value of their brand, while connecting with an audience that had been difficult to engage with in the past.



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