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Calling all Home & Garden Bloggers!

Calling all Home & Garden Bloggers!


I (along with plenty of others) enjoy a good home renovation or home décor project blog post. One of my favorite activities is watching shows on HGTV, waiting for that day when I can tackle a bunch of home projects myself.

I have a lot of respect for home and garden bloggers. They have a keen eye for creativity and know exactly what furniture and décor to buy to make their spaces sparkle. They can also transfer their amazing pictures into words, teaching us how to make our own houses more glamorous.

Home and garden bloggers have a definite advantage when it comes to monetizing their content through Affiliate links. Almost all of the more popular home décor Merchants have Affiliate programs. Therefore, it’s easy to find the product they used in their own home and link to it for their readers to copy the design!

These bloggers are so great at inspiring their audience to take action. If you’re a home and garden blogger, it’s time to turn your voice, creativity, and your blog into a profit.

If you don’t have a ShareASale Affiliate account, you’ll need one of those first. Sign-up here. Then follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Apply to relevant Merchant programs and get approved.

Here are some Merchants to help get you started –

If you aren’t quite loving those, don’t worry! We have plenty more where those come from! Here’s how you can search for and join additional programs in your niche.

When applying to their programs, be sure to use the description box provided to let these Merchants know exactly how you plan to work with them. It will improve the odds of your application getting approved faster!


2. Find products that you have used, or would use, in your own home.

Present these products on your blog in the form of collages, image maps, lists, etc. Here is how you find products on ShareASale –

When you’re a home décor blogger, it’s important to lay out options for your readers. What works best in your home may not look as amazing in others. Be sure to link to multiple styles and price points to fit everyone’s needs!


*This type of post not only allows you to feature fashionable headboards, but it also allows you to tie in mattress brands!

3. Use Affiliate links on Pinterest!

I know home and garden bloggers get a ton of traffic on their Pinterest pages or boards. There are three main strategies for implementing affiliate links into Pinterest –

  • Add relevant Affiliate products to your existing board
  • Create new boards dedicated to your favorite products
  • Update your current shopping guide pins with Affiliate links

Simply insert your Affiliate link in the Website URL, and your pin is now your Affiliate link! Check out more information here.

Example: Take the headboards you featured in #2, and create Pinterest boards for each of them. Be authentic, and let your readers know why you like those headboards specifically and maybe include what other items would accompany them well!

Your readers will be happy to see that you’re sharing all your secrets on where to make the perfect purchase for all things home. You might as well get compensated for all your help!


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