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A Simple Formula for Success in Online Content Marketing

Achieving success in online content is all about finding the balance between authenticity and relevance. The key is to use an authentic brand voice to create content that is relevant to those consumers of your products/services. It’s a delicate balance; a dance, if you will. Finding the equilibrium between writing authentically and producing content that is relevant to your target audience is often easier said than done. However, when you’re able to find the sweet spot between brand authenticity and consumer relevance, you’re in the online content marketing zone, creating what I like to call purpose-driven content.


As marketers, we tend to focus too much on the process of online content marketing—the who, the what, and the how—instead of first concentrating on the more fundamental question of why—why are we creating this content in the first place?


What do we believe in? What is our perspective on this? What does this particular content piece or initiative communicate about who we (or our clients) are and what we’re trying to accomplish as a brand, and about our products and services? Yes, buyer personas, brand messaging, and editorial calendars are critical process elements of online content marketing, but they are not the whole picture.


In our obsession with crafting lifelike buyer personas and creating the perfect content marketing message for our audience we’re getting it half right, focusing on the who the what and the how, often at the expense of the why. To truly find success with online content marketing, both sides of the equation must balance.


A colleague once asked me to come up with a simple formula for success in online content marketing. After pondering the question for far too long, I came up with this response: Write as yourself. Write for your audience.



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