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7 Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241%

The bad news? Saying “get more traffic” is easier said than done. You could write guest posts (Leo wrote 150 articles in 9 months when Buffer first launched), optimize for SEO traffic, or drive visitors through . The options are endless. This article focuses on the latter, though.


In this post, I’ll share the seven most powerful lessons we learned at Hubspot from running social media experiments to increase our social media referral traffic by 241%.


On the Sidekick blog (which now redirects to the HubSpot Blog), we ran a series of social media experiments to drive more traffic. The result? A 241% increase in monthly blog traffic over eight months:


During this eight month period, we ran hundreds of social media experiments (shoutout to Brian Balfour on creating an experiment-driven culture) to grow our users and increase traffic. And throughout our journey of building a growth machine, we discovered a few learnings related to social media sharing along the way, and I’d love to share these with you below.


Note: HubSpot is a publically-traded company, so we’re not allowed to share actual data. As a result, all of the numbers here are fake, but I promise the learnings and experiments are all very real.



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