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7 Rules of Retention Marketing

Customer acquisition costs can break a budget, yet many businesses spend more time focusing on attracting new customers than retaining their loyal customers.

While we believe in customer acquisition tactics, today, we’re going to give customer retention it’s fair representation. In this article, we look at the seven rules of retention marketing so you can improve your rates and grow your business.

If the words “retention marketing” leave you scratching your head, we’re going to define retention marketing for you first, and then look at the seven rules.

With retention marketing, through various activities, you create engaged customers that return to your online store again and again to make a purchase.

They have to wait nearly two weeks to receive the item. Then, they are shipped the wrong item. When they call customer service, they are on hold for nearly 20 minutes, and then they are told they have to pay return shipping on the item they did receive.

Treat your customers with respect, offer your items at a reasonable price and make sure your customer service reps are fully trained in the art of customer service. Provide consistency across the board to encourage customer retention.

When it comes to retention marketing, you want to meet your customers where they are. If they’re using , meet them there. If they tweet on or post on , it’s your job to take your story to them.

Customer retention is about providing the right thing at the right time to your customers. Perhaps they subscribe to your blog – if so, provide them the best content possible.

One way to meet your customers on is to start building targeted experiences. Consider using a social login box on your website. Allow your customers to register or sign in using their preferred social media account.

Learn about your audience through social media and . Take note of their demographic information as well as their interests, likes and habits.

You can also let them self-identify what they’d like from you on your website. In your email sign-up form, give them some choices as to the types of emails they’d like to see.

Everybody likes something free. You can offer them a discount when they sign up for your program to get them started. Then, let them accumulate points for an extra big rewards.

When you are on a real, personal level with your customers, you are better able to retain them. When they feel you treat them well, you can expect they’ll be more likely to comment and share on your blog posts and social media, leave reviews and ultimately, make a purchase.

Show your customers you value them by asking for their feedback. When you do this, we recommend offering them something for their time. You can offer them a small discount or extra reward points, just make sure to offer something to let them know you value them.

Customer feedback is important to your retention rates, and it’s important for the growth of your business. When you ask for feedback, do be sure to take action on it.



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