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7 Reasons Influencers are Ignoring Your Outreach (And What to Do About It)

Influencer is one, if not the most important, way to grow an audience for your content. Influencers ignoring outreach equals a waste of time. However, when they pay attention to your efforts it equals:

Reaching out to these influencers to alert them to your content can be a simple process, but its effects on your strategy’s success will be far-reaching when done right.

If this is the case, it’s probably because you’re using the wrong approach to contacting your influencers – your content isn’t getting in front of them in a meaningful way.

Be careful taking this attitude, though. In an eagerness to get the attention of as many influencers as possible, you could wind up alienating all of them.

Taking this approach means that influencers will know you’re not just treating them as a tick-box on the way to growing your brand, and may be more open to creating a dialogue that can be used to exchange genuine correspondence.

Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. You need to give influencers a solid, inescapable reason to click on your content and give it more than five seconds of their time.

When you can provide influencers with a two sentence pitch for your content, you’ll be in a better position to list out the benefits of your materials, and influencers will respond positively.

In the rush to get as many notable people as possible talking about your work, it’s easy to get carried away and start sending out messages to a variety of influencers who don’t necessarily have a lot of interest in your subject matter.

For this reason, if you’re asking your influencers to copy the text of your article, post it onto their site, write a commentary or analysis of it, link to your website and your various profiles, and then pump out links to your content through their various channels, you’re asking for too much.

If you find, though, that you’re not getting any response from a particular influencer, it might be that you’ve used the wrong channel of communication.

Most influencers who are used to getting communication from fans and other professionals in their field have an established channel through which they like correspondence to come, so that they can respond to it.

Being too dry in your messages can mean missing out, not just on an opportunity to push your content further, but also on the chance to develop solid contacts that help your reputation to grow.

Give influencers something to connect with, and share your human side – doing so will help you to develop friendships which will open more doors in the future.

With all the requirements on their time, influencers don’t have the luxury of being able to comb through your messages to figure out what you need them to do.

It’s often the case that an influencer will misunderstand what content creators are looking for from them, especially if, as we’ve already talked about, you’re looking for them to do a lot of stuff.



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