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7 Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Facebook Sponsored Posts

It is like an iceberg: we focus on what is visible while forgetting to pay attention to what’s under the water. We all remember what happened to the Titanic.

Unfortunately, we can’t be sure if the article we wrote is going to be a big hit or not. It will turn out after you hit the publish button and start promoting it.

When I got in touch with Jeff, he suggested I pay significant attention to my post’s headline and to create at least 5 title variations. I recommend you to do the same.

Great content deserves a great headline. Once you have great content, you have to make sure that your headline creates a curiosity gap and triggers emotions. No one will click on an ice cold, boring headline.

Keep in mind that harmony between the title and content is essential for engagement and conversion. measures the time spent on a page. If a user bounces back a few seconds after they arrive on your website, that’s an indicator that you might have a clickbait title and your content doesn’t provide much value to the audience. The News Feed algorithm will adjust your post’s ranking accordingly.

If you’re not sure if your headline is good enough and you also want to optimize it for Google’s SERP, you can use tools like CoSchedule’s headline-analyzer to score your headlines.

Facebook has a built-in feature that shows your current follower base’s activity. It’s a good indicator and gives an estimate but not enough to capitalize on newsworthiness.

If your audience engages with your content within a short period of time, it could be considered a hot topic by the News Feed algorithm. It will get a better ranking and a higher reach since it is probably more interesting for a short period of time and less interesting later. This is the perfect time to boost that post.

The team at FourFourTwo figured out how to capitalize on newsworthiness. They ran a 90-day experiment and paid increased attention to real-time engagement of their Facebook posts.

They monitored how their smallest, most loyal audience reacted to their content. If shares of a given article surged within a short period of time, they immediately put some money behind that post and started a sponsored campaign.

Following this method, they were able to get 3 times more likes on Facebook, which generated eventually 1000 additional subscribers per month. They radically optimized their campaigns’ performance by reducing customer acquisition costs by 77% and cost per clicks by 45%.

The text field of your post works like a teaser. Its goal is to support the headline and make your target audience want to engage with your post and visit your article for more details.

Before you start tweaking your Facebook posts, take a step back and have a look at the big picture of . What really matters to your audience? How can you make sure that your post reaches your audience?

You have to be relevant first and then figure out how you can make your posts gorgeous. Your content has to be relevant, and its appearance has to be irresistible at the same time.

Guest Author: Tamas Torok helps bloggers decrease user acquisition costs by creating super-detailed, step-by-step guides on content promotion and social media. Check out his blog: blog.momentum.ai.



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