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7 Authority Hacking Tools To Quickly Grow Your Online Influence – GetResponse Blog

Establishing a successful online enterprise is a long journey, and building your site the right way is just half the battle. With lots of online brands smartening up by observing the best digital practices to help promote their sites to the right audience, it is time to take a different route of getting your message across your target market to expedite the growth of your business.

The latest signs point to influencer marketing as a major tactic that marketers will take heed of in the future, especially about content creation and marketing. In fact, some have already gotten on the influencer marketing bandwagon to full effect.

According to a 2015 study featured in eMarketer, 84% of marketers and communications professionals intend to run a campaign by using an influencer to scale its success. For those who have already tried it, 81% of them believes that influencer marketing works.

Corollary, 78% of brands have increased content creation efforts in the past two years but saw content engagement dipped by 60%, according to TrackMaven.

While content remains a useful asset in your strategy, you still need to find a way to make people care about your content. By using influencer marketing as the backbone of your campaigns, you enable your brand to develop trust from your audience, thus generating a more positive response from them .

Obviously, trust is a two-way street: you provide your audience trustworthy content, and they will reciprocate and return the favor. The problem now is how you can develop an influencer marketing strategy to tap effectively into your audience and meet your business goals faster.

In this post, below are seven of the best tools that will help hack your influence marketing efforts so you can gain the trust of people and make them want your brand.

For a brand to be successful in today’s world, you need to harness the relationship that exists between consumers, marketers, and influencers. You need to find the ground where all three meet and use that touchpoint to develop a marketing strategy that is predicated on leverage influence to help you band rise above the rest.

TapInfluece is that touchpoint that allows everybody to have a voice. The platform claims to increase your ROI by 11x more than other forms of digital media, but it is a proven method that is hard to dispute. Upon signing in as a brand, you can create your projects and choose influencers who will write sponsored posts about your brand based on the objectives of the project. They also are responsible for sharing the branded content on their thousands of followers to maximize reach.

As a brand, it is safe to assume that consumer initially does not trust you. Also, to increase your , you will have to gain their trust, which is a prerequisite for them to make a purchase from your site.

However, building trust will require you to create high-quality content that caters to their needs and interests, organically build a following on social media, get more subscribers to your email marketing, and so on. With lots of tactics and strategies involved in pulling this off, it will be a long and arduous journey into gaining the trust of people.

With this knowledge, you need to find a way to leverage the influence of regular joes to shed positive light about your brand such as product reviews, testimonials, and such.

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform that will help you generate more positive reviews about your brand from authentic customers. Once your customers see that regular customers like themselves are giving your products and services good reviews, there is a greater likelihood that you will gain their trust without writing content or building followers.

If you are in the business of developing content for your brand, then you need to ensure that it not only provides value to your audiences but also gets shared to the right channels. Blaring out your content on social media without any governing strategy is a flimsy idea. What you need is to target specific influencers within your niche who will be more than willing to share your content to their thousands, if not millions, of social media followers.

Buzzsumo works by helping you find content, influencers, and trends that can direct your content strategy. One of its main features allows you to search for the most shared content using the simple interface. You only need to input a specific topic or domain address, set the appropriate filters (content type, language, date, and country), and hit “Search” to access hundreds of highly shared content. It also offers an advanced content analysis tool that lets you view the average shares per social media network, ordinary shares by content type, most shared domains, most shared articles, and so on.



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