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6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Content

Apply that same spring cleaning principle to your content! Set some time aside this month to take a look at your current content strategy and consider how you might improve it moving into the spring and summer months.


1. Conduct a content audit.A content audit sounds like a scary undertaking and while the process can be a bit long and daunting, it’s an important tactic to ensure that your content is actually working for you. A content audit essentially means taking a 10,000-foot overview of all of your content and making decisions about what to do with individual content pieces to ensure your current strategy is actually helping you achieve your goals.


This comprehensive Moz piece details the exact steps you should take to conduct an effective content audit. Moz recommends breaking your content into four major categories: leave as-is, improve, consolidate and remove. Yep, remove! Conducting a content audit sometimes means coming face to face with the idea that you may actually need to delete some posts to make it easier for folks on your site to find the content that actually matters.


2. Edit and update archived posts. You likely have a ton of great content on your blog or website, written months, or maybe even years ago. Those pieces of content probably aren’t getting the attention or traffic they deserve, even though they may still feature relevant and useful information for your audience. The first step here is to go back and re-read those pieces. Consider editing and updating some pieces to ensure the information is still correct and up-to-date and add a new call to action (like an invitation to join your email list or receive a PDF of some kind) and then prepare to bring new life to these posts by re-sharing them.


Another interesting thing that happens this time of year? Many of us tend to feel the pull to clean, declutter, purge and organize. It’s spring cleaning time!



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