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6 Warning Signs Your Email Marketing Is Scaring Away Subscribers

In fact, its stake in the success and failure of an online business is growing larger every day. That’s why every online marketer is focusing on building a large email list. After all, the bigger the list, the more the conversions, given that you are not spamming your customers.

It’s tempting to assume that sending more emails will increase the chances of subscribers buying from you but that’s actually not the case. The more, the merrier doesn’t always hold true.

But to avoid over-mailing, you shouldn’t sacrifice your conversion rate by under-mailing either. The best way to decide the optimal number of emails your business should send is through A/B tests.

Further, you may find that different segments prefer emails at a different frequency, in that case, you can tailor your send volume for each segment accordingly.

Another best practice to consider before implementing a frequency capping, is giving your subscribers an option to pick how many times they want to hear from you.

Remember, there’s no rule regarding the number you can send. Just be mindful of the customer journey and make sure your emails are enhancing the customer experience rather than hindering it.

When it comes to email, subject lines play a crucial role in determining your open rates. No matter how good your emails are, if your subject lines are boring, your open rates will suffer. So, it goes without saying that they need to be catchy and creative to capture your recipient’s attention.

Why? Because catchy subject lines are good at grabbing your recipient’s attention and increasing your open rates, but they’ll only take the desired action if you offer them what they’ve been promised. Nobody likes to feel deceived.

One size never fits all, but when it comes to email , most marketers are still sending the same messages to everyone on their list. Though batch and blast is the quickest and easiest way to earn money from your emails, it can erode your email marketing conversions very quickly, as too many generic emails force subscribers to jump off your ship.

Instead, send personalized emails based on a subscriber’s preferences and behavior on your site. Also, segment your list based on all the data you have about your subscribers.

Most marketers are only doing basic segmentation based on the geography, gender, or the acquisition source. To personalize effectively, you’ve got to segment on deeper levels. So leverage all the data you have about a user to craft hyper-personalized messages.

Given below is a study conducted by us. We sent 1000 plus emails, a non-personalized mailer to one batch and a personalized one to another batch, the personalized version received both better open and response rates.

Rather than using email marketing to increase your bottom line, use it as a medium to engage your customers and build customer loyalty. Yes, your ultimate goal is to promote and sell your product, but if you want to get better results from your email-marketing program then take a step back and focus on engaging your customers.

When you keep your subscribers engaged, they’re much more likely to open each and every email (including promotional ones) they receive from your brand. And once a subscriber starts engaging with your emails they’re more likely to convert through them.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage and ultimately convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Provided you’re not taking it for granted by simply sending batch and blast emails.



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