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6 Online Tools to Help You Create Better Quality Content

Those who write for the web cannot shut themselves from the outside world and devote their time in writing. That’s because the purpose of writing is to promote brands. They frame their content in accordance with brand promotion strategies.


Even a few days back, Grammarly had two versions: one free with limited features and another paid. But now the former version is disabled. When active, the free version offered a dashboard where content can be typed or pasted. The grammar checking was automatic.


There are multiple paid versions, which not only check the spelling and basic grammar, but also look for advanced errors. For those who are professional writers such as bloggers or freelance journalists, Grammarly is a must have tool.


We know what happened with Reader. It was terminated by Google on 1st July, 2013. Since Google Reader didn’t have any comparable alternative, RSS feed options narrowed down for most readers. That’s when Feedly appeared to fill this gap. Currently there are 7 million subscribers, who use it.


The importance of content is rising, so is the demand for content-based tools. True, writing is all about creativity, but in the digital world, readability matters more than creativity.



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