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6 Landing Page Copywriting Principles for More Conversions

Sound familiar? Marketers everywhere work tirelessly to optimize their landing pages, hoping for high conversion rates. They employ A/B tests, switch up button colors, and play with page length. But are they paying enough attention to what’s actually written on the page?

Great landing page copywriting leads to conversions. The words on the screen let you have a conversation with your web visitor. You better be a smooth talker to convince them you’re up to snuff.

As a copywriter, I care about writing landing pages that convert. I’m obsessive about figuring out what makes people click. Today, I’m sharing 9 landing page copywriting principles that can be used to increase conversions.

When writing an essay for a college course, students want to make their work as long as possible, desperate to hit a page or word count. But when it comes to effective landing page copywriting, concision is key, because your prospects are busy.

Being concise means making your point quickly, without extra words that don’t add anything. Here are some examples that show how being concise can lead to better, clearer messaging.

When it comes to copywriting for landing pages, you don’t want bloated copy. The page should be clear and easy to read, written to someone reading at a 6th grade level. Still, you need to make sure a customer’s questions are answered.

Many of the most successful landing pages are lengthy, detailing everything a customer needs to know. Longer landing pages tend to be more comprehensive, which leads to more opportunities for links, and a greater likelihood of ranking in search. Sherice Jacob, in an article for Unbounce, reported that Conversion Rate Experts increased by 52% after implementing a much longer page.

When I worked at Grasshopper, I helped refine our 800 numbers landing page, which now ranks for the query. The page is 1671 words long, and allows someone to scroll through to find answers to their most pressing questions.

WordStream has also found through testing that long landing pages with more information below the fold convert better than short landing pages for some offers, such as the AdWords Grader.

Pro-tip: Your company is unique, so it’s important to test different landing page variants to see what works best for each offer. Try testing a very lengthy page versus a short one.

Providing proof that customers trust you is essential. If you want landing page visitors to convert, you should include customer testimonials in your landing page copy.

Think of your landing page like a home. When you have a guest come over, you want them to feel welcome. A landing page functions the same way. When a customer comes to your landing page, you want to usher them in and make them trust you. You want to show that you know what you’re doing, and that customers are successful because of you.

QuickBooks does an excellent job of sharing customer stories on their small business accounting landing page. Rather than including written testimonials from customers, they show videos of three customers explaining what they get out using the software.

Customers buy your product for a reason, and not because they’re in love with your brand and want to support you. They buy products that can enhance their everyday life.

You need to position your customer as the hero of your landing page, and show what they’ll get out of choosing you over the competition. How to do this? Refine your unique value proposition.



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