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6 Best Practices For More Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

The data is clear – engaging your customers where they want to be engaged in multiple formats improves response rates and the effectiveness of campaigns across every channel.

This approach is the core of most nowadays. B2B marketers leverage multiple channels and consistent messaging across each touchpoint in the buyer’s journey to deliver a truly personalized and integrated experience for prospects. However, when you think of the channels being used in campaigns you may think of the popular ones like email, social, and a few other digital ones.

It’s a highly effective B2B channel that can help you reach out to prospects and customers offline. In fact, with the increased saturation of digital marketing, direct mail response rates have flourished compared to their online counterparts:

Similar to other marketing channels, you want to first start with accurate data. Leverage existing data in your CRM to identify the right prospects for your direct mail campaign.

Your prospects and customers are unique, so treat them that way. Use all available information not just from from your CRM and marketing automation platform, but external sources that gather prospect data to personalize the campaign experience.

Defining narrow segments and personalizing offers for each one will yield the best results. Note that you won’t need to rewrite your mailer for every campaign – small tweaks will help you stick out. For instance, CEB (in partnership with Radius customer results) found:

Just like email, timing is a major influencer in response rates, so is the timing of your direct mail campaigns. Make sure your direct mail offers are connecting with your audience in the right medium at the right time.

It’s also important to note that you want to account for which stage of the buyer’s journey a prospect is in. Create an offer that is customized for that stage and also make sure it supports and amplifies other touch points.

As with other campaign efforts, be prepared to send multiple waves of offers and even A/B test to optimize your efforts. No matter how personalized your mailer, don’t expect great results with a “one-and-done” to your audience – especially if you’re new to mailing and new to the audience. It takes at least 4 direct mail touches, plus layering in other channels.

Think about how you’ll measure success from the beginning. Forecast KPIs and even identify what success should look like for your direct mail campaign. As you build out your direct mail offerings, make sure to set up your programs in a way that makes it easy to track results.

Tip: Coding mailers can make it easy to track response rates across your campaign. Just add unique codes to your mailers, collect responses using these codes, and set up a unique campaign URL, email address, or phone number that invites respondents to enter their unique code. For example: www.yourbusiness.com/09141783

So like other marketing efforts, don’t forget to test the performance of your direct mail offerings. As you receive data on the performance of your campaigns, refine and optimize them.

Be persistent. It might be intimidating to keep sending mail to the same address when you don’t receive any responses, but remember that timing is a critical part of any marketing program. If you trust you have accurate business data, you’re targeting the right market segment, and you know the Life Time Value (LTV) of your customers, then you should have confidence to continue mailing until your convert the address to a customer.

Remember, direct mail is an extremely effective channel that when used properly can yield excellent results for your business. But it’s important to focus on building a direct mail campaign that is personalized, relevant, and well-executed for your target audience.

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