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50 Must-Know Statistics to Improve Your Lead Generation Strategy | Marketing Insider Group

Done right, a successful lead generation strategy will fill your funnel with quality leads that ultimately convert and reward your company with their business. So how do you go about building a lead generation program that will work and will not waste the time and resources you’ve invested?


Just like planning any other activities, you need to consider various factors including the latest marketing trends, technologies and data you have when developing your lead generation strategy. The lead generation and data provider PureB2B has pulled together 50 useful statistics you’ll want to know to help you take your lead generation efforts to the next level – everything from mobile marketing to , landing pages, search and email marketing.


I hope these insights will help you come up with more effective lead generation tactics to generate higher quality prospects that convert. Are there any other important statistics or trends we’ve forgotten to cover here? Please help us add to the list by sharing them in the comments section below!


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With so many brands competing for the same shares of consumer attention and dollars, generating quality leads has become increasingly more challenging for today’s marketers. That’s why having an effective lead generation program is more important than ever before when it comes to achieving your marketing goals.



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