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3 Social Media Marketing World 2016 Tactics – Heidi Cohen

World is a fire hose of the latest insider tips for all things social media and hobnobbing with the social media digerati. (No, Zuck wasn’t there!)

Social Media Examiner’s Mike Stelzner and Phil Mershon curated an amazing, comprehensive selection of content and presenters. (Thank you for including me!)

But when 3,000 social media geeks converge in one location, you get TONS of content from LOTS of different perspectives. The information flow goes multi-directional.

With the amount of information shared across various social media platforms, even the best marketer can have trouble translating it into a consistent customer-focused social media strategy.

When I asked Mike Stelzner what he saw as the key 2016 social media trend. He had one word for me: Livecasting. By contrast, I view video livecasting as the evolution of social media video.

expert Mari Smith advised marketers to move from 5 minute Facebook Live sessions to longer ones (30 minutes or more) since Facebook rewards you with organic traffic. Of course, expect this Facebook reach gain to be short term until they build their audience and can monetize it.

Get your audience to decide where they belong. I found it interesting that a number of different sessions focused on knowing your audience and segmenting them.

Facebook expert Jon Loomer surprised the audience by saying that he kicked people out after a month. He gives people about 4 days per step of his process. (Why waste budget if they’re not qualified after a month?) Interestingly, Loomer uses the same content just presented in a targeted way to the beginner, intermediate and advanced user.

Both Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn and Problogger’s Darren Rowse revamped their homepages to drive visitors deeper into their best content by knowing what is needed.

On a macro-level, assigning audience buckets signals marketing maturation. Despite their best efforts, marketers attract smaller and smaller followings.

On a micro-level, to be competitive provide tailored customer experiences. Distinguish your offering and allow prospects to self-identify for different information.

While this may seem like more work, it’s the flip side of people doing their own research before you know they’re in market. Let them select the information best suited to their needs without a salesperson. This improves your ability to measure results.

It’s another sign of contextual marketing. Beyond better customer experiences, you’re extending the life of your best content by making it easier to find and access.

Romance your prospects and customers. A member of my workshop wanted prospects to buy after reading a single blog post. (Yes, I can’t make that up!)

The bottom line: It’s more important than ever to know your audience and put yourself in their shoes. If you don’t your competitors and close substitutes will!


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