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3 Simple Ways to Generate Buzz for a Launch with Infographics

A successful launch builds suspense BEFORE the fact. It stirs interest on , encourages big click throughs to your website and prepares for an immediate up-tick in launch day and revenue.

Beyond the typical elements of a launch, such as email , ads and remarketing, webinars and events… There is something that a lot of people don’t make use of as often as they could.

The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than written content, which means that people will get the information you’re trying to impart in the 15 seconds the average person spends looking at content.

A visually dynamic and interesting infographic will help you attract more attention better than a short line or a long blog about your “amazing, exciting, NEW” product.

In addition to simply attracting visual attention, infographics also help with information retention. Did you know that up to 65% of visual input can be recalled 10 days later? If you want your target audience to remember your name or your product, using a visual representation (like an infographic) will get the job done.

Creating brand awareness with an infographic can be highly effective in your marketing campaign prior to a launch, and can be the difference between a flop and a fortune.

There is also the added benefit of increased interaction when you use infographics. Bloggers and marketers find that infographics get viewed 30 times more than written articles, and increase their engagement (click-throughs, conversions, sales, shares, etc.) by at least 12%.

The beauty of the infographic is that you can share it across pretty much any medium you can imagine: websites, social media, and even in emails, printed materials, and .

Just like any visual, it is easy to consume, easy to share, and easy to remember. Because of this, you need to make sure you fully harness an infographic’s potential when launching your business or product.

Everyone knows that infographics look great and attract attention on social media. Whether it’s , , , or even or , infographics let you span the distance between these very diverse platforms.

Not only do each of these sites give you your own analytics (how many people the post reached, how many people engaged with your image, how many people shared the infographic, etc.), but when you create an effective infographic you actually can track who does what with it.

Embed codes allow you to ensure that your infographic will be shared but still lead back to the source (hopefully your landing page, if you’ve played your cards right).

Even when you create an infographic and share it via email, social media, or in your promotional materials, having a link or embed code back to your landing page or website will give you an entirely different set of analytics.

Depending on where the “click-through” came from, potentially email or affiliate connections, you can track the types of people who are engaging with your image, how long they spend on your site, what else they looked at, and what came out of their visit (subscription to email, interest in your product launch, purchases, “likes” or “Follows,” etc.).

Do not underestimate the power of a cohesive brand appearance using infographics. You can use as many infographics you want, but the style and tone of the images can be matched across your entire campaign. Use your logo, your slogan, or similar icons or color schemes.



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