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3 New Customer Happiness Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Sky Rocket Any Dropshipping Business

Almost any industry on earth has something to say about customer service. In fact, customer service articles are becoming a cliché around the web. However, as much as how mainstream it is, truth be told most of those who work around the dropshipping business don’t prioritize customer satisfaction. Most, if not all, tend to focus on product selection, web design, SEO and SMM or logistics and fulfillment. Though undeniably all of the things mentioned are vital, it is also important to emphasize that customer happiness should not take a back seat. In fact, for 2016, you should start fortifying and strengthening your focus on this. Why? The benefits you reap are just truly rewarding. Read on as customer dominance may soon be yours!

Cherry Pick Your Customers

Customers are the lifeblood that keep your business running, but not all customers are created equal. Though we highly discourage any business to discriminate any customers in any perspective, it would be rational to insinuate to view your customer base into groups based on purchasing selection and power. The top 3 best customers that can make your dropshipping business grow are:

1. Businesses
Pros: Snagging a customer like this means you’re in a long term and high volume partnership. Nurture them well. Also, take note that their orders tend to be in large quantities due to operational needs.
Cons: Very meticulous and discerning when it comes to price points. Best to prepare to negotiate and adjust price points.

2. Hobbyists
Pros: Get your niche right (or find the right items to sell) and you strike a gold! They are the most loyal and devoted customers simply because they love their craft and can spend a serious amount of cash to improve it.
Cons: Finding a hobbyist niche is a tough one and can be risky if you get it wrong. Imagine the wasted investment and time setting up the wrong niche! Yikes!

3. Repeating Customers
Pros: Besides loyalty and devotion, stability as you are assured that you have a steady flow of purchases as the same set of items are repeated again. The repetition can be caused by the wonderful selection of items or exceptional customer service.
Cons: Rub them the wrong way, mess up fulfillment or do both just once and watch them fly away along with the growth of your business. Their loyalty and understanding comes with a price and can be hard to please back. Which leads us to…

Human, Streamlined and Intelligent Customer Resolution
Ok, it is unavoidable to make a mistake. It really happens, and one of the best and efficient ways to troubleshoot this is to truly satisfy the customer throughout the resolution process. Hear us out on this, you need to seriously invest in training a customer service agent with the right mindset armed with the right skill set. Did you know 89% of consumers won’t hesitate to engage with a competing business due to bad customer experience? Still, nothing beats the human touch even if most will want this automated. To truly knock off their socks off, the devil is in the details. You need a person who can analyze and anticipate your customers’ moves, has high regards with the customers’ time (71% of shoppers expect a resolution in 5 minutes) and above all else don’t exhaust the customer by making them repeat themselves especially when it comes to escalations. No algorithm can do this psychology. Execute this right and you get the reward of…

Customer Experience as Free Social Media Marketing
Not only are you hitting a flock of birds with just one stone, you actually get a weapon of mass domination: Word of Mouth in Social Media. Its free marketing amplified up by social media which is one of the most powerful channels today. We’re talking about reviews and recommendation. No matter how humble and small your eCommerce store is, posting links of reviews made by your customers on your social media accounts actually increases CTR by 10%-20%. It also affects consumer conversion as 81% of customers say reviews on social media actually impact their purchase decision.
In a nutshell, you need to look out for a B2B platform like OceanTailer that knows their customers, has a superb human customer service and social media integration. Curious to know more of our features? Visit us now at www.oceantailer.com!

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