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25 Snapchat Influencers Who Are Doing It Right | Inc.com

But while young people who grew up with Snapchat “get it,” for the rest of us, the service has been called the “least intuitive” for a reason. You need to use it to get it. You need to follow the right people, keep returning for a few days and understand what they’re doing right. At some point, it clicks… and you’re hooked. I know I am.


Here are 25 people who “get” Snapchat. Each one of them is doing something slightly different. Each one of them shows what Snapchat can do. Download Snapchat, follow all of them, check in every day to see their latest vids, and by the end of the week you’ll be snapchatting like the best of them. (If you are viewing this on a mobile device and have Snapchat installed, you will be taken directly to each person’s profile.)


Amy Schmittauer is a business and coach with a healthy YouTube following. Her big lesson? Keep it informal. Stop being so professional and just be you on Snapchat. Authenticity is everything on this platform.


When your family owns a chocolate boutique, you’ve got content that people will want to see (and eat.) Snapping from his home in Sydney, John Kapos’s account shows one typical way that businesses use the service: he takes people behind the scenes and shows them how the delectable treats are made.


For a real cooking show, though, check out paleo chef George Bryant’s uploads. Once, these videos would have been on YouTube. Now Snapchat is more likely to win him the audience he wants.


Like many people, Brian Fanzo doubted the power of Snapchat. It took him four months of following and head-scratching. But since the light went on, he’s become one of the platform’s biggest evangelists. His “Think like a fan” philosophy helps iSocialFanz speak to businesses and brands who wish to be on the cutting edge.


Snapchat isn’t just a broadcast tool, like . It’s a two-way communication channel. Host of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, John Lee Dumas uses it for direct mentoring. He regularly delivers original content and his famous “JLD Rants” via his snaps.


Video marketer Owen Hemsath has made a splash on YouTube. Snapchat takes his video fans behind the scenes of his creations. Think of these stories as the DVD extras… and you know how much fans enjoy those.


In the summer of 2015, Chris Strub traveled the U.S. to volunteer with youth-related organizations nationwide. His journey spanned 100 days and he became the first man to SnapChat all 50 U.S. states. He continues to innovate and seeks to make a difference with his snaps.


Vincenzo Landino runs a content consultancy. He uses Snapchat to share moments (often crooning to a tune while behind the wheel) but also to find out what audiences want to see. For Vincenzo, Snapchat audiences are like focus groups.


Chelsea Votel is a influencer and traveler. She’s currently touring North America and sharing interviews and news about brands, artists and culture. Check out her stories to see how to build your own TV show on Snapchat.


YES Magic is a magic school in Orlando, Florida owned by William Green. William uses Snapchat to provide samples of his work. He uploads workshops, giving audiences a taste of what they can receive when they pay for a class. Not an illusion, Green’s snaps are pure magic.


For launch specialist Sean Vosler, Snapchat is not a place to sell. It is a place to engage audiences, build relationships and keep them close. Watch his videos (and his wild hairstyles) to see how Sean does it.


Passive income expert Pat Flynn sees Snapchat as a personalized way to interact with an audience that increasingly matches the demographics of many businesses. He uses authenticity and personality to share ideas and build relationships.


It’s been a long time since Snapchat was all about the teenagers. It’s now a major entertainment channel, a place where brands and businesses engage directly with customers, and audiences return daily to see the latest uploads from their favorite broadcasters. In January 2016, Bloomberg reported that the service was winning more than 7 billion video views a day. That’s a rise of nearly 50 percent since September 2015, and it puts Snapchat at just a billion daily video views fewer than Facebook… which has fifteen times the number of users. And Snapchat’s users are growing up. Sixty percent of 18-34 olds in America with smartphones use the service but more than a third of its 100 million daily users are aged between 25 and 54.



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