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11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week | TechCrunch

1. Apple continued its battle with the FBI amid an order to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shooting. In a company email, Apple CEO Tim Cook thanked employees for their support. The email paints the issue of Apple’s refusal to cooperate as one of civil liberties. Apple then filed a motion to dismiss the court order forcing it to unlock the phone, citing constitutional free speech rights. Apple hinges its argument on the fact that the FBI Is attempting to expand the use of the All Writs Act. A pro-Apple rally took place in downtown San Francisco, and we talked to a few anti-FBI protestors to see what they had to say about the issue.

2. Some of our staff went to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2016. We covered a panel about mobile ad blocking, Mark Zuckerberg talked about Free Basics and encryption, Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we went hands on with the modular LG G5 and, oh, by the way, tablets are dead. You can find our full coverage of MWC 2016 here.

3. Facebook launched its “Reactions” extension to the Like button, allowing users to express Love, Wow, Haha, Angry and Sad emotions in addition to the original Like.

4. While Uber launched a motorbike taxi on-demand service in Thailand, things weren’t great for the company this week. Uber confirmed that one of its drivers, Jason Dalton, is the suspect in a shooting rampage that took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dalton allegedly picked up riders and pocketed fares in between the shootings. He had passed Uber’s background check and had no prior criminal record. Uber then clarified that Dalton had a 4.73 rating and had given more than 100 rides.

This week the Apple versus FBI battle raged on, we went to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, Facebook changed up the Like button and more. Here are the top stories of the week.

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