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10 Tools for Better Content Marketing in 2016 | Inc.com

Buffer works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, so you can cover all your profiles with one tool. Buffer will also analyze your Twitter profile to determine when your followers are most often online and interacting, and schedule your tweets to post at the optimum times.

Content has literally been a staple for all those involved in content marketing. However many marketers struggle to provide the volume and stellar quality of content at affordable prices which is very important to succeed.

RightlyWritten is simply the best copywriting service online to address this problem. They have a talent pool of hundreds of Native American writers on board with expertise in most of the verticals and can be hired to create content in the form of blog posts, articles, website content, press releases, white papers and more.

You may place orders on ad hoc basis using their intuitive ordering system or sign up for Monthly blog packages to put your website blog on complete Autopilot.

Feedly is a organization tool for all your favorite blogs, online magazines and news sites, making it simple to follow all the latest news in your niche in one place. It’s a great tool to brainstorm content creation and follow the latest trends.

Feedly also integrates with several social media automation tools (including Buffer), so you can share valuable content to your followers with a click of a button.

With Slide.ly, you have a simple way to create your own professional slideshows. Slide.ly allows you to create video or photo slideshows on mobile or desktop, use real-time effects, and work with more than 80 templates and visual art. The platform also integrates with Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and others.

BuzzSumo fills a lot of roles in the content creation and distribution process. If you’re in the brainstorming phase, use BuzzSumo to easily search for similar content types that have received the most “buzz” (social shares, comments, etc).

The best way to use BuzzSumo though is to find potential influencers to help spread the word about your content. The tool allows you to easily find powerful social personalities who like to share content related to you and your niche.

Trendspottr allows you to follow emerging social media trends, including hot topics, trending hashtags, and important influencers. The tool also gives insight into audience sentiment surrounding the topics, so you can decide which conversations are the best to join.

Trello helps you plan your content week by week, including helpful notes and comments from you and your team members. The platform keeps all your information in one place, making it simple to see what projects you’re working on and what tasks need to be done next.

Easily engage with your audience on a new level by making them a part of the content you create. You can even make video quizzes for the visually-inclined.

Outbrain can get more eyes on any type of content you create (blogs, videos, infographics, etc.) by displaying it as promoted content with other related options.

At first glance, Evernote’s web clipper tool makes it easy to organize your research materials for content development, but there’s so much more than that. You can:

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